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Source: Twitter

This Woman Gave Her Kitten A Sweater And He Stole The Internet's Heart

By Aimee Lutkin

Cute pet outfits are all the rage these days.  And why shouldn't they be.  Your pet is so cute anyway, there is no reason that the cuteness should ever stop.  As long as the pet is ok with it and can handle it, then I say the more the merrier, put that cuteness on display for everyone to see.  And you know they will own it.  Most people will think of cute dogs being accessorized, but it seems these days that cats are making a comeback.  Not really known for their cuteness, cats are now allowing owners to put them in situations to show their canine friends that they can play the game too.  Its always great to see a cat come out of its shell and show the pet world that they are a force to be reckoned with.  

Meet Arlo the Sweater Cat, a kitten who has jumped into viral fame because he just looks so darn cozy in a sweater. And he's got the confidence to pull it off:

Mum made me a new sweater and I won't let her take it off!

A post shared by Arlo (@arlo_the_sweater_cat) on

This is not a frumpy winter kitty. Arlo went viral when his person, Twitter user Eden, shared some images of Arlo really feeling himself in his new bright yellow turtleneck pullover. Look at that saucy wink: