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Source: twitter

Guy Asks English Professor How To Ask Girl On Date And It Worked Perfectly


Romance has certainly suffered since the rise of the Internet. Gone are the days when a guy would serenade a woman from outside her window. Now, we can just ask people out with a few winky face emojis and a "wyd" on Tinder.  It's become the primary form of dating. Basically if you aren't trying online dating, you probably aren't dating. It's not uncommon for young people traveling to change their Tinder location to wherever they are just to try to meet new people. Kind of crazy we've gone from hanging out at bars or being introduced by friends to now swiping right on people we want to potentially talk to. 

It's estimated 50 million users are on Tinder with around 10 million active users a day. These numbers are staggering but it shows us just how big online dating is for today's age.

Twitter user @squidslippers, who also goes by Jake, is one of those with zero skill when it comes to asking women out. So when he wanted to score a date with his crush Hannah, he decided to ask his English professor for a little help. Surprisingly he delivered some absolutely expert advice on how to approach the situation.

Together, they assembled the perfect text with the help of a diagram...