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Source: twitter

One Octopus Proves That They May Be More Clever Than We Previously Thought

By Aimee Lutkin

There may be no animal on the planet as cool as the octopus. They use tools, play games, and are masters of disguise. The octopus is probably about as smart as your dog, and with less of an evolutionary impulse to befriend you. When the seas rise, they'll be calling the shots, and frankly, I welcome our new octopus overlords.

The BBC has been airing Blue Planet 2 and blowing everyone's minds with secrets from the bottom of the ocean. One clip in particular is reminding everyone how awesome these tentacled creatures are. In a clip that's gone viral online, an octopus appears to have built itself armor from seashells to avoid being eaten by a predatory shark. It's incredibly smart, and it works—our eight-legged friend escapes.