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James Corden Helped Samuel L. Jackson Recreate Some Of His Best Movie Scenes

By Jake Heppner

Samuel  L. Jackson has had a seemingly endless career. I mean what movie is he not in? 

So it makes you wonder where to draw the line on his best movies ever. Admittedly, he has had his duds, but somehow Sam Jack even seems to make 'Snakes On A Plane' a household name.

With the help of  every one's favorite late night host James Corden, the movie star recreated many of his most well-known scenes similar to the viral one Tom Hanks did in 2015 on The Late Show. From "'Star Wars" to "Pulp Fiction," and even some smaller roles like "Coming To America," the duo covered just about every ounce of Sam Jackson acting goodness in just 11 minutes.

 And of course it wouldn't have been complete without a few of his signature 'mother f*ckers' and profanity laced rants.