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This 'Planet Earth' Map Gives Us A Completely New Way To Look At The World

This 'Planet Earth' Map Gives Us A Completely New Way To Look At The World
Updated 1 year ago

When it comes to unexpectedly awesome TV shows, it doesn't get much better than Planet Earth.

And I say unexpectedly awesome because I've always had something against educational television. I know, it sounds boorish to say but I'll begrudgingly admit that my lizard brain views anything that is obvious that it wants to teach me something is almost immediately rejected as being "nerdy."

But whenever I sit down and watch me some Planet Earth in glorious HD, I find myself entranced by the beauty of mother nature. You know, much better for it to be on a TV screen and me not experiencing it myself with all the weather changes and sounds and bugs and smells of the real world. But yeah, I can definitely admire it from afar.

One of the most amazing things about the show is how much of this glorious planet they've managed to cover in their episodes.

They've highlighted different regions and the notable wildlife they filmed in each location. Now if you're a completionist like me, you're probably going to want to print this bad boy out and color in the different regions for each new season that comes out.

  All right, I probably won't do that and will just wait till someone else does it online, but you can best believe I'll be keeping my eye out for an updated one once Season 3 drops.

This awesome infographic is courtesy of Cyplon Holidays, who you can learn more about here.