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21 Ways People Are Celebrating National Pumpkin Day

21 Ways People Are Celebrating National Pumpkin Day
7 months ago

Today is National Pumpkin Day or as the internet calls it, #NationalPumpkinDay. It's the one day a year where you can declare your undying and unconditional love for pumpkins and have it not be weird. 

Like, if you were to say, "I'd happily trade my first born son for a pumpkin spice latte," that'd normally be weird unless you were to say that on October 26th. Then everyone would smile and nod in agreement. 

That might seem like an extreme example but you know what? That's how I feel and I am free from judgement today. Just like these fine pumpkin-loving folks. 

1. This is a good warning.
2. The best, indeed.
3. We knew this gif was coming.
4. These pumpkins have no idea what they are in for.
5. Don't look at it!
6. This is both really juvenile and the best thing ever.
7. Thank God dogs protect us from the pumpkin menace.
8. A tragedy.
9. I choose you, weird pumpkin thing!
10. Hey. It worked.
11. Squirrels get it.
12. Run away!
13. Absolutely.
14. Bears have excellent taste.
15. You have to get ready for the Great Pumpkin.
16. Sticking your head in a pumpkin ends as you'd expect.
17. The terror of the ocean.
18. Bosses love today.
19. Pumpkins are monsters. That's what I'm gathering here.
20. It's a big deal and everyone should know about it!
21. Let's close this out with a song.