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These Photos Of A Young Justin Trudeau Are Making The Internet Fall In Love With Him All Over Again

I consider myself a fairly heterosexual male. All of my sexual relationships have been with women. I hate shopping for furniture and curtains, I don't wear cuff links, and most of my clothes are from Costco. Pretty normcore, stereotypical, hetero-Jersey-Dad characteristics.

But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good looking man.

And it doesn't get much better looking than Justin Trudeau.

I mean, just look at this gorgeous creation, who is not only a nice guy, but the leader of a country that's full of nice guys.
People are obsessed with him. He's so good looking that my cold-hating ass is seriously considering a move to Canada. Speaking of ass...

I'd like to point out someone hastagged that photo with #niceassets. Very sutble.

But if you thought that Justin Trudeau was hot now, you ain't seen nothing yet. Because people unearthed a bunch of photos of young Trudeau.

And I mean, well, just look at him.
Here he is, looking the ideal early '90s man.
People are obsessed.
Trudeau's young adult hotness started a chain reaction with photos of other attractive young politicians. Like young Joe Biden.
People were also digging Bernie's 'Inside Llewyn Davis' aesthetic.
And Air Force John McCain with his square jaw.
But for my money, it's Trudeau all the way.