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People Have Figured Out How To Turn Any Film Or TV Show Into A Christmas Show

4 months ago

Christmas is fun for many reasons. There's great food, gifts, the love of family. And there's also the many dead hours in between snarfing that food, ripping open those presents, taking a selfie with your niece, and getting back on the plane home. How to fill them? With the glowing screen of your HDTV, of course!

There is a Christmas TV tradition that gets rediscovered every year, either by accident or as a drinking game. Radio host Adam Ricard tweeted about it over this past weekend, in fact. Just hang a Santa hat on the corner of our TV, and every time someone is wearing it, take a shot. 

It even became a hashtag, #santahattv, though many people on Twitter insist they've been putting Santa hats on their favorite series characters for years.


On the bright side, this is a fun game even if you don't drink. Folks happily joined in once again, making every regular old TV show a little more festive and bright. A few even turned movies that are already Christmas movies even more Christmas-y, like Home Alone or Die Hard (don't @ me, it is a Christmas movie).

Honestly, this game is so easy, I am afraid for the people drinking. Slow down, we still haven't even made it to New Year's Eve.