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Source: Google

Today's Google Doodle Is An Interactive Turntable To Celebrate The Birth Of Hip Hop

By Jaime Lutz

Today's Google Doodle celebrates how, on this day 44 years ago, hip hop had its first major breakthrough at a birthday party in the Bronx. DJ Kool Herc noticed how people tended to dance at the most percussive parts of funk songs—called the breaks—and used two copies of the same record to extend and transform the beats into loops. The dances during these breaks became, literally, breakdancing, and rapping over these loops soon followed. 

Source: Google

The doodle includes an animated introductory video, narrated by the legendary hip hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy—and wonderfully, an actual set of internet turntables and a library of classic records to scratch and mix to your heart's content.