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'Game Of Thrones' Fans Are Rooting So Hard For Tormund and Brienne

'Game Of Thrones' Fans Are Rooting So Hard For Tormund and Brienne
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Updated 10 months ago

If you've been watching Game of Thrones, then you'll know that there's a love story in the series greater than the relationship between Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

And that is the very palpable infatuation Tormund Giantsbane has with Brienne of Tarth. I mean, just look at him looking at her.

From the moment he set eyes on her...

...the man's been obsessed.

In the latest episode, as Tormund was walking north of the wall to fetch a White Walker for Cersei, the bearded man himself opened up about the love of his life, saying that he hopes there'll come a day when they can have children together.

And all the conversation about having gigantic babies has the internet tickled pink.

People were touched by how direct and simple he was.

Even if the Hound wasn't hearing it.

But that didn't stop people from speculating as to what their future children will look like.

And if there's one thing people want to see happen in the show, it's a happy ending for Tormund and Brienne. 

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