The CBS Halftime Report Got Meme'd After the Applebee's Song Drowned out Analysts

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Jan. 31 2022, Published 11:58 a.m. ET

If you tried to tune into the CBS halftime show report to get some professional insight on the AFC Championship game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs, then you know it was more chaotic than expected.

Rather than being able to listen to what the CBS analysts had to say about the first half, everyone was audibly overwhelmed by Walker Hayes and his Applebee's themed-tune, "Fancy Like." We don't know about you, but this was torture for us.

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So, to stop our ears from potentially bleeding, we took to Twitter to see what every other sports fan had to say about the disastrous situation; luckily, our feed was filled with memes galore. Check out some of our favorites below, and we promise you will be laughing by the end of this article.

Here is the dilemma in question:

If you haven't seen the CBS halftime report yet, check it out above in all its glory. It has to be a joke — there's no way CBS and the halftime musical producers let this happen on live television, right? WRONG. It's very much real and will forever live on as an NFL legacy.

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CBS must be huge fans of Walker Hayes and "Fancy Like"

Clearly, there are some huge Walker Hayes and "Fancy Like" fans in the NFL industry. The person behind the speaker placement and volume setting must've woken up and chosen violence with a side of chaos, because this halftime report was a total catastrophe.

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Why the heck were the speakers right behind the desk?!

Barstool Sports was spot on with their CBS halftime report memes, and this is just the first of many. It was a complete disaster — once the music exploded through the massive speaker behind the analysts desk, we all knew this would not be a regular report.

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The halftime report gave us Brick Tamland "LOUD NOISES" vibes.

It seemed like the analysts and sports fans alike were transported to a massive club — music blaring, everyone shouting, no one hearing what anyone was saying ... Yikes! Hopefully, the Super Bowl producers don't make the same mistake.

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Walker Hayes unintentionally created the most hectic halftime report in NFL history.

If a meme had to be declared the most accurate, it would be this one from Barstool. The analysts were cutting in and out until they were ultimately overpowered by the Applebee's. Eventually, the analysts decided, "if you can't beat them, join them," and gave up on trying to talk over the gigantic speaker behind them.

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CBS must've watched 'Uncut Gems' because the frantic energy was prominent.

Like the characters in Uncut Gems, every single analyst on the CBS halftime report was talking over each other. As a result, this made for a frantic and anxious environment for everyone because sports fans were trying to listen in, only to hear Walker Hayes and his "Fancy Like" song blaring through the speakers.

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All we wanted to hear was how the Bengals could come back and win!

Not only was the Walker Hayes performance torture for the analysts, but it was also painful for sports fans. Why would CBS force us to listen to the Applebee's song for the umpteenth time?! Whoever did this must be punished.

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The CBS producers channeled Gob Bluth and realized they "made a huge mistake."

Once the speakers were placed directly behind the NFL analysts desk, every single CBS producer knew they were screwed. Sadly, there was no turning back, so all they could do was embrace their inner Gob Bluth and say, "[we've] made a huge mistake."

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