great kindness challenge checklist
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Here's What You Should Know About The Great Kindness Challenge

Leila Kozma - Author

Jan. 12 2021, Published 2:02 p.m. ET

Founded in 2006 by Danielle Gram and Jill McManigal, Kids for Peace encourages young people to engage in acts of kindness and forge change through campaigns like The Great Kindness Challenge

Despite its humble origins — the program began as an activity for Jill's kids and their friends from the neighborhood in Carlsbad, Calif. — The Great Kindness Challenge reportedly attracted kids from more than 115 countries in 2019. So, how does it work? What's on the checklist?

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Here's what you should know about The Great Kindness Challenge checklist.

Currently, two checklists are available on The Great Kindness Challenge website. The GKC Family Edition Checklist encourages kids and young adults to do better at home. The GKC School Edition Checklist offers guidelines on how youngsters can forge change at school.

great kindness challenge checklist
Source: Twitter
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From smiling at 25 people to slipping a kind note into a friend's backpack, The GKC School Edition contains a range of handy tips to help instill better habits in young people and inspire them to make kindness a part of their daily routine. 

Dishing out compliments, making others laugh, and making new friends also appear on the checklist. Some entries prompt kids to work in cooperation with superintendents and custodians. Other entries include "Read a book to a younger child" and "Learn to say hello in a new language."

"Draw a picture & give it to someone," "Step up for someone in need," and "Sincerely compliment five people" also feature on the checklist.

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Source: Twitter

The checklist reminds kids of the importance of appreciating the hard work of the school staff. "Help your teacher with a needed task," "Bring a flower to the office staff," and "Whisper thank you to the librarian" are just some of the tips.

The checklist isn't definitive, however. Kids can come up with their own ideas and coin new gestures to make those around them feel better. 

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The Great Kindness Challenge Family Edition Checklist helps kids make a change at home.

The GKC Family Edition Checklist comprises of entries like "Take a treat to your local firefighters," "Create a family gratitude jar," and "Paint a kindness rock and randomly place it." 

Both checklists aim to teach kids about the importance of pursuing an environmentally friendly lifestyle, with a particular focus on making conscious efforts to start recycling, pick up the trash, and ensure that their surroundings are tidy. 

"Walk or back instead of driving," "Pick up and recycle the trash in your neighborhood," and "Help plant a garden" are just some of the tips on The GKC Family Edition Checklist. 

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Source: Twitter

The Great Kindness Challenge week will be held between Jan. 25. and Jan. 29, 2021.

For one week, kids around the world will come together to collectively partake in activities intended to make the school and the world around them a better place. 

The Great Kindness Challenge week allows participating schools to create a friendlier atmosphere through various activities, ranging from photoshoots to other programs that help bring out the kids' creative streak. 

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