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Source: universal pictures

'Hobbs & Shaw' Has Two Cameos That'll Definitely Make You Say, "I Know That Guy!"


If you would have told a 12-year-old me that The Rock would become a huge mega-movie star in a few years who could expertly roast stand-up comedians, I don't think I'd have believed you. Was the "Great One" great? Absolutely. Funny? 100% Have a wonderful presence? Come on, this is The Rock we're talking about here.

But that he'd be in a movie like Hobbs & Shaw with star-studded cameos? That's kinda nuts.

Think about it: This is a guy who was a professional wrestler, who captivated the hearts and minds of so many people that he not only dropped into an already well-established franchise and helped transform the entire thing, but got his own spin-off. 

Now he's even working with another action star in said spin-off. It's nuts.