Grant Collins Is All About Good Oral Hygiene, but How Old Is the TikTok Star?


Dec. 28 2020, Published 12:52 p.m. ET

In addition to birthing plenty of memes and dance trends, TikTok has also become a go-to platform for experts to share their advice with users who have questions. TikTok has developed niches for hundreds of different questions, and there have even become stars in each of these areas. Grant Collins, or The Braces Guy on TikTok, has become one of the leading voices on oral hygiene on the platform. 

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How old is The Braces Guy on TikTok?

Just recently, Grant posted a video to his channel saying that Dec. 27 was his birthday. In the video, he asked users to guess his age and gave them four options. He could be 28, 33, 37, or 42. Now, users are dying to know exactly how old Grant is. As it turns out, Grant is 37 and was born on Dec. 27, 1983. 

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Because of his vibrant smile and overall healthy appearance, Grant may look younger to some users than he actually is.

Although Grant has occasionally posted videos like the one asking users to guess his age, in general, his channel is focused on offering users tricks to help them practice better oral hygiene. Often, those tips are in response to specific videos that he gets from other users.  

How does Grant know so much about teeth?

Although he's become a TikTok star recently, Grant is also an orthodontist, which means he's an expert on braces and on ways to keep your teeth straight, white, and healthy. In his videos, he'll respond to trends related to oral hygiene or respond to questions from other users. His recent videos have focused on everything from ways to detach your braces from your coat to how to fight off puffy gums while you have braces. 

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His videos are about the benefits of orthodontic work, but they're also entertaining. Like many successful TikTok personalities, Grant's videos are both informative and easy to watch. That combination is what allows them to be so successful and what has made him one of the most successful oral health experts on the platform. It probably doesn't hurt that he's also good looking. 

Source: TikTok
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Is Grant married?

As some fans of The Braces Guy likely know, Grant occasionally features other members of his family in his videos. He and his wife, Kimberly have two sons together named Caden and Grayson, and a daughter named Lennon. Thankfully, it seems that the rest of Grant's family is eager to help him out on TikTok whenever he feels like he needs some other characters to play off of. 

In a recent Christmas-themed video, Grant donned his alternate personality, Karen, the dental hygienist. He then enlisted his family to open gifts from Karen that weren't exactly appropriate for the holiday. They included an old set of retainers, a dental probe, and plenty of floss. Those may be gifts that will improve your dental hygiene, but they're not the kinds of presents that most kids are hoping to unwrap on Christmas morning. 

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