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Where Are Kelly Ripa's Kids Today? Michael Has Already Graduated From NYU



On Sept. 29, 2020, Kelly Ripa took it to Instagram to share a screenshot of a hilarious text exchange between her and her 19-year-old daughter, Lola Grace. As the snap reveals, Lola issued a stern-worded warning, commanding her mom to refrain from taking Gwyneth Paltrow's lead by posting a photo of herself in her "birthday suit" on her birthday. We investigate: what does Lola get up to when she's not trying to give her mom fashion advice? And, more importantly, where are Kelly's kids today? 

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2020 brought about some changes for Kelly Ripa's family — her three kids included.

Two of Kelly's kids, Lola and 23-year-old Michael Joseph, have chosen to study at NYU. Michael Joseph was in the class of 2020, while Lola is about to begin her second year at the prestigious institute, having enrolled in the fall of 2019. Kelly and Mark's youngest, the 17-year-old Joaquin Antonio, is still in high school. 

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As the star explained during a previous episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, she and Lola have spent considerable time assessing different options — and they even went on a trip to New Orleans, La.

Lola eventually settled on a school in the vicinity of the family home, which led to some unexpected surprises down the line. As Kelly revealed in a previous interview, Lola, much like Michael, fled back home less than a day after they were dropped off on campus. 

"I didn't think the kids should live in the city where they grew up, I felt like they needed an experience [...] they were, both of them were adamant for different reasons why they wanted to go to NYU," Kelly revealed in a previous episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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"So, I said 'you're gonna be like other kids and come home when it's regular visiting ours like Thanksgiving, Christmas, that's it. Your dad and I need to rediscover each other [...] Michael, we drop him off freshman year [...] at his dorm [...] we come home, walk through the front door, he's standing in the hallway," Kelly explained. 

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As Kelly went on to add, Lola pulled an uncannily similar move. She returned to the family nest to throw a rooftop party just hours after Kelly and Mark dropped her off at her dorm. 

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While Lola is about to begin her sophomore year, Michael has already graduated from NYU.

Kelly and Mark threw an impromptu graduation ceremony for the 23-year-old Tisch School Of The Arts graduate, who, much like the rest of his class, was unable to attend his official ceremony due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

As Kelly revealed in a previous episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Michael was helping her film her segment from home while preparing for his graduation. 

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In 2017, Michael appeared on Riverdale. He played Teen Hiram Lodge, the younger version of his dad's character on a Season 3 episode titled "Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club." 

Kelly's youngest kid, Joaquin Antonio, is still in high school.

Joaquin — or the "newborn," as Kelly reportedly refers to him — graduated from middle school in 2017. Although he has dyslexia, he is thought to have an exceptionally strong academic record. Joaquin appeared on several episodes of Live with Kelly and Ryan in the past, including an episode airing in November 2018. 

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