Who Is Leopard on 'The Masked Singer'? This Actor and Heidi Klum's Ex Are Among Top Guesses

Leopard is performing on 'The Masked Singer,' and we're breaking down the top guesses for the celebrity behind the mask, including a singer and actor.

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Nov. 20 2019, Updated 4:54 p.m. ET

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When we first heard about the concept behind Fox's The Masked Singer, we have to admit, we were pretty skeptical. The idea that celebrity contestants would be wearing elaborate costumes and masks to hide their identities brought a whole new level to blind singing competitions that was first really introduced by The Voice

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While singing is an important element on The Masked Singer, speculating about what celebrities are under the masks is truly the best part. Leopard is set to sing again on the Nov. 20 episode of Season 2, and the odds are out as to who the top celebrity guesses are. We've got the scoop on the Leopard Masked Singer guesses. Read on to find out who is likely to be behind the (unsettling) green eyes.

The top Leopard Masked Singer guesses:

While fans can speculate online all they want, putting your money where your mouth is, is something else entirely. The clues we've been given so far about the Leopard are: they've been spotted with the president (and have performed at the White House), they've felt free while on the road, and they've traveled with misfits in order to discover their true identity. 

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Newspaper clips were shown during Leopard's clue segment, which included the headlines, "Star Strikes a POSE," "Performer of Slow Jamz Performs at the White House," and "RU Gonna Go My Way." The leopard has already performed covers of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" and "Stitches" by Shawn Mendes.

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According to bettors at US-Bookies.com, the top guess for Leopard is Seal with 4 to 1 odds. Leopard's singing voice is pretty spot on (pun intended) to the singer. Seal is best known for his song, "Kiss from a Rose," and for his seven year marriage to supermodel Heidi Klum.

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He did also perform "My Girl" at the White House back in 2011, and he toured around the world with various different bands during his early career.

With these odds, it's looking like the British singer will be the one revealed under the ornate leopard costume. 

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This comedy actor and another British singer are also in the running.

Though Seal is a potential shoe-in for Leopard, there are other interesting contenders for the animal's identity. Neil Patrick Harris — who has starred in How I Met Your Mother and A Series of Unfortunate Events, among hosting gigs for the Tony Awards and the Oscars — is the next strongest bidding option with 13 to 2 odds. 

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In the beginning of the season, many thought that British singer Robbie Williams was behind leopard, but the odds it's him have decreased in the weeks since. According to US Bookies, the chances it's him are 18 to 1. 

Billy Porter and RuPaul were among names that were also thrown out, based on the newspaper titles that were shown in the clues clip. But, they've since been knocked off the short list of possibilities. 

Sadly for Leopard, the site also reported that the odds of him winning the competition are fairly slim. The likelihood of a Leopard victory is 18 to 1 as well, which would put him in third to last place out of the remaining competitors. 

The Flamingo has the best shot at winning right now, with 7 to 2 odds, followed by The Butterfly at 9 to 2. 

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But, if Leopard doesn't win, it just means we'll get to see who is under the mask that much sooner. Until then, we'll keep on guessing.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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