Kamala Khan in 'Ms. Marvel' Is a Canonical Superhero Geek, Especially for One Certain Hero

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Mar. 15 2022, Published 1:07 p.m. ET

With the upcoming premiere of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan is set for her official debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She's certainly an oddity among Marvel heroes, considering she's a superhero who's obsessed with superheroes. Long before coming into her powers, she's been known for losing herself in superhero fantasies where she steps into the shoes of her favorite Avengers. Naturally, a superhero geek like her has a favorite Avenger. In case you couldn't guess, it's Captain Marvel.

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Ms. Marvel follows Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a young Muslim Pakistani-American girl who prefers her superhero fantasies over her struggles in real life. As she struggles to fit in, she comes into her own powers to harness cosmic energy and manipulate it at will. While she aims to use her power to be the Avenger she's always wanted to be, she quickly discovers that being a hero is way harder than she could've imagined.

She draws plenty of inspiration from the established Marvel heroes.

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Is Ms. Marvel the same as Captain Marvel?

In a world where superheroes are revered in the same vein as celebrities, established superheroes like the Avengers will most certainly have fanbases dedicated to them. Those same fans will even go so far as to pick their favorite heroes as easily as we in the real world pick our favorite BTS member. From the get-go, Kamala's favorite is Captain Marvel. During the first trailer of the series, Kamala fantasizes about being her own version of the space-faring hero and achieving fame.

This lines up with the character's arc in the original comics. Kamala originally debuted in a 2013 issue of a Captain Marvel comic series. She grows up idolizing Captain Marvel and wanting to be like her. Upon discovering her powers as an Inhuman, she becomes her own hero and takes on the "Marvel" name as her new moniker. She is even able to fight alongside Carol Danvers herself as an honorary Avenger. According to comics writer G. Willow Wilson, her love for Captain Marvel informs her journey.

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"Captain Marvel represents an ideal that Kamala pines for," G. Willow stated in a 2013 New York Times interview on introducing Kamala. "She's strong, beautiful, and doesn't have any of the baggage of being Pakistani and 'different.'"

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The MCU version of Kamala adapts that fan love for Captain Marvel perfectly in the upcoming series. The first official trailer for encapsulates much of what we can expect from her on-screen adventure. She struggles between her Muslim heritage, wanting to fit in within a world that looks down on people who look like her, and accepting her newfound responsibility as a superhero. Kamala looks to do all this while finding strength in heroes like Captain Marvel.

She'll even get the chance to prove herself in front of her idol in The Marvels, an MCU film due out in 2023.

Ms. Marvel will stream exclusively on Disney Plus starting June 8.

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