The Potato Trend on TikTok Promises Wholesome Fun for the Whole of the Family

The Potato Trend on TikTok takes inspiration from 'Small Potatoes,' a children's animated series that first premiered in the spring of 2011.

Leila Kozma - Author

Jun. 23 2021, Published 12:30 p.m. ET

The latest TikTok trend calls on social media users to re-create the intro of a cult-classic animated series that first premiered on the BBC in the spring of 2011, titled Small Potatoes. The family-friendly challenge sees young and old come together to put a new spin on the eminently catchy song and video that revolves around four potatoes of varying sizes that land on the moon, take a bath, and swim in the sea. Here's what you should know about the Potato Trend on TikTok.

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The Potato Trend promises some much-needed family fun for TikTokers.

The Potato Trend started gaining traction on TikTok in June 2021, with more and more people inviting their family members or friends to join in and create a unique take on the easy-to-copy choreography that accompanies the snappy tune. Most of the TikTok clips responding to the trend feature the audio titled "Make appropriate videos to the sound please" which is more or less the same as the theme song of the children's TV show Small Potatoes.

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Although most TikTok clips feature two people, having a family member to conspire with is not a prerequisite for partaking in the challenge. Some of the most popular clips were created by TikTokers who decided to have a go at it alone.

Take, for instance, a TikTok video by @celeste.portigiani (aka celeste), which merges the aesthetic of funny home videos with that of the Potato Trend. The TikToker starts by bobbing her head to the song before delivering an impassioned lip-synching performance with both hands held behind her back. For the last part of the video, she hops on a small footstool — only to promptly fly off as she steams ahead with the lip-synching. The clip garnered 2.6 million likes and counting.

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A TikToker named @ellamarie_ invited her dad to create a clip responding to the Potato Trend. Wearing matching burgundy-colored shirts, the duo starts the TikTok by assuming an uptight, somewhat forced pose. In the second part, @ellamarie_ maintains the same pose — while her dad does an exquisite impression of a frenzied potato, complete with some enthusiastic fist-pumping and foot-stomping.

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Although @ellamarie_ makes some strong efforts to maintain the stiff pose, she ends up bursting into laughter toward the end of the clip, and it's easy to see why. Her dad truly nailed the challenge.

A TikToker named @hattiedeloach (aka Hattie) teamed up with her grandmother to create her take on the fast-proliferating trend. At the beginning of the video, they purposefully strike a stiff, unnatural pose, while they also try to keep their faces as emotionless as possible. It's only when Hattie pats her grandmother on the thigh that she starts to perform an adorably goofy and inexplicably wholesome impersonation of a singing potato.

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The TikTok featuring Hattie and her grandmother (whom she sometimes refers to with the hashtag #grandmalane) was liked by 6.5 million people and counting. Hattie has already obtained 95,100 followers, and we can only hope that her grandma will soon register on TikTok as well.

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