Sophia Hammons Talks Remaking the First-Ever DCOM, 'Under Wraps' (EXCLUSIVE)

Sophia Hammons, star of Disney's 'Under Wraps' 2021 remake, spoke with Distractify about her character, Amy, and the pressure of filming a remake.

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Sep. 30 2021, Published 9:00 a.m. ET

'Under Wraps'
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For many, the start of fall marks the beginning of "Spooky Season," a time when every food and drink item becomes pumpkin-spice flavored, and when scary movies become available at all times on both networks and streaming services.

While beloved classics like Hocus Pocus and the Halloweentown series are always popular offerings leading up to Oct. 31, Disney's newest Halloween film will keep younger audience members entertained, and it will also send their parents' nostalgia into overdrive.

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The network's newest movie, Under Wraps, is actually a remake of the first-ever DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) in history.

Like the 1997 version, the 2021 Under Wraps follows a group of three preteen friends named Amy, Marshall, and Gilbert (now played by Sophia Hammons, Malachi Barton, and Christian J. Simon, respectively) after they accidentally awaken a mummy named Harold (now played by Phil Wright).

Sophia Hammons
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Sophia Hammons in January 2020.

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Though he speaks largely in grunts, the ancient corpse bonds with the trio. The kids ultimately work together to bring him to his final resting place, which means saving him from a group of greedy criminals who are intent on selling Harold for a tidy profit.

Though the characters' names and the main premise are the same in both movies, lead star Sophia Hammons spoke exclusively with Distractify about how the Under Wraps films are different. The actress also discussed how her character fits into the story, and whether she watched the 1997 version to prepare for the role.

Sophia Hammons can "totally relate" to her 'Under Wraps' character, Amy.

While Marshall and Gilbert are already friends at the onset of the 2021 film, Amy proves to be the missing piece in their group. The two are assigned to work with Amy, who is the new girl in school, during a class field trip.

Sophia described her character as "tough" and "bold" — and she's someone who won't stop until she achieves her goals.

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"Amy is fearless, ambitious, and she knows what she wants," Sophia shared with Distractify. "She works well with the two boys and with Harold because she's a great leader."

The actress was able to draw on her own experience as the "new girl" in more ways than one to play Amy. Sophia's family moved from California to Colorado when she was 6 years old, and she is also fairly new to the Disney Channel family (she appeared in the Disney Princess Remixed special earlier in 2021).

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"I was the new girl in school and in town, and I am new in the Disney Channel family and crew...." she said. "I can totally relate to Amy in that sense."

The actress felt "a little bit of pressure" when filming the 'Under Wraps' remake.

Before she auditioned for the role of Amy, Sophia had never actually seen the 1997 version of Under Wraps — which may have worked to her advantage. During the audition process, those in casting told Sophia to try not to copy the original Amy (played by Clara Bryant). Instead, they wanted to see her "own interpretation" of the character.

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Once she secured the role, Sophia did watch the kid-friendly comedy to get a better sense of the story. Though she recognized the similarities with the basic plot of both films, she felt that they were "definitely different" in both "style" and in content.

Though Sophia quickly bonded with her co-stars and had an "awesome" experience when creating the new Under Wraps, she did feel some "pressure" because it is a remake.

'Under Wraps'
Source: Instagram

"I felt a little bit of pressure, because I've seen other movie remakes in the past, and people are like 'the original is always better...'" Sophia explained. "I really liked how it turned out, and I think both movies are great."

You can see Sophia in Under Wraps, which premieres on Oct. 1 at 8 p.m. ET on Disney Channel. The film will also be available to stream on Disney Plus beginning on Oct. 8.

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