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Source: DC

DC Animated Studios Just Released the Trailer for 'Superman: Red Son' and Fans Are Stoked


While Marvel has been absolutely crushing it at the box office, even with "meh" affairs like Captain Marvel, DC has only seen middling success in recent years, with notable exceptions like Nolan's Batman trilogy and the out-of-nowhere global success of Todd Phillips' controversial Joker

But an area that DC has consistently crushed, however, is the world of animation. Superman: Red Son looks like yet another stellar entry into DC's animated universe.

Superman: Red Son movie explained.

Based off of the 2003 Elseworlds comic by Mark Millar, Red Son is full of alternate reality goodness. It's almost always fun to see how iconic heroes would have turned out had they been raised or lived under different circumstances. 

Flashpoint is probably the most popular example of this: like how Thomas Wayne ended up as a bloodthirsty Bat-vigilante and his wife the Joker after Bruce was killed in that alley instead of them.