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Source: rpan

Reddit Brings Public Access Television Back With RPAN, a “Live Broadcasting Experience”


Remember the good old days of public access television when they'd let any psychopath who put their name on a list have their own TV show? While that might sound like a terrible idea, it has given us some excellent gifs and early viral clips, like this preacher from the hood who pretended a phone book was a bible.

Well, reddit's bringing that public access magic to their own "live broadcasting experience" called RPAN.

What exactly is reddit's RPAN?

While giving many people with zero production experience TV time might sound like a bad idea, there's a certain nostalgia associated with RPAN. The entire aesthetic of it looks like old-school VHS tracking, and the branding efforts look like they're paying off: RPAN's already got 70.7k subscribers, which isn't bad for a "test" project that'll be over at the end of the week.