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'Big Mouth' Season 3: What Comes Next for Our Favorite Puberty-Ridden Pals?



Hormone Monsters, rejoice! Netflix's hit animated comedy Big Mouth is returning for Season 3 Friday, Oct. 4. And fans are eagerly wondering what's next for our favorite puberty-ridden pals and just who is in the Big Mouth Season 3 cast.


What happened last on Big Mouth?

We last saw the Big Mouth kids in the Valentine's Day special in February. Connie (Maya Rudolph) is the new Hormone Monstress for Nick (Nick Kroll) and they're still trying to make it work. 

In the meantime, Jessi (Jessi Klein) is finally coming to terms with her mom having a girlfriend and Andrew (John Mulaney) was very much not coming to terms with Missy (Jenny Slate) no longer being into him.


What's going to happen in Season 3?

Judging by Netflix's trailer, it looks like the kids are struggling now more than ever with puberty and the problems that can come with it. It seems that Missy has a new Hormone Monstress and she's going a little wild. 

And the girls of Bridgeton Middle School are putting their foot down and are done with male objectification. Plus, Jessi is learning to discover the female orgasm.


The season really seems to be taking on some prominent social issues and addressing them the way Big Mouth always addresses things: without ever beating around the bush. The season is taking on toxic masculinity, sexual harassment, and discovering sexualities. In the last season, Jay (Jason Mantzoukas) learned that he may be bisexual. This season, a new character has come out as pansexual.


The boys are dealing with their own budding and confusing sexualities as Andrew finds himself attracted to and possibly hooking up with his own cousin. Matthew (Andrew Rannells) may have his first big romance storyline as it seems that he and Aiden (Zachary Quinto), whom he met in the Valentine's Day special, are spending more time together. 


Who's in the Big Mouth Season 3 cast?

John Mulaney, Nick Kroll, Jessi Klein, Jason Mantzoukas, and Jenny Slate are all back and reprising their roles. Jordan Peele will, once again, bring life back to the ghost of Duke Ellington. 

Netflix also revealed that Martin Short, Ali Wong, and Thandie Newton will also have guest roles this season. Although no names were announced, Short says that he will be playing a "Canadian pansexual magician." 


Judging by the trailer, it seems that Wong will be playing a new pansexual student, while Newton plays Missy's new Hormone Monstress. The trailer also confirmed a few additional guest stars, namely the Fab Five of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, who will be helping Coach Steve (Nick Kroll) get a little cleaned up. 

The trailer also confirmed that Gina Rodriguez will be returning as Gina Alvarez and it seems that Zachary Quinto may be returning as Matthew's crush and potentially new boyfriend, Aiden. 

Season 3 drops Oct. 4 so be sure to get ready to binge-watch, even if your Shame Wizard tries to tell you not to.

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