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This Little Girl Shut Down A Cashier Who Questioned Why She Wanted To Buy A Black Doll


There are some things that kids are really stupid with. Like my son didn't know it would be bad for him to jam his finger into a metal door hinge. Or walk right off the edge of the couch. Or go headfirst into the bathtub, or try and grab a pot of boiling water. Or fight going to sleep like he was fending off Death himself.

But there are other things that kids are really smart with. Whenever my son wants something, he fights tooth and nail for it. When he loves you, it's this beautiful, unconditional happiness with who you are. When you get a hug or a kiss from a child, there's more warmth in that than most adults can muster, and it's beautiful.

There are also a lot of cultural hang-ups and learned behaviors that little kids aren't affected by, and a perfect example of this is when little Sophia went to the store to buy a doll as a reward for going poop on the potty.