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Source: co-sleeping

Dad's Facebook Post On 'Snuggling' His Kids Sparks Massive Co-Sleeping Debate


If I left it up to my son, he'd sleep with my wife and I every night, kicking us in the face and rolling his little year-and-a-half old body all over the bed and waking us up every half hour or so.

Getting him to sleep in his own bed (he's now sleeping in a half crib, don't ask how the kid was able to jump out of it when it was fully assembled) is a struggle to say the least. We have to go through all of his favorite nursery rhymes and sit with him until he's asleep. If you try leaving before he's fully passed out, he'll start screaming bloody murder.

There are some nights where I feel like just bringing him into the bed is the best option. And I probably would do that - if I went to sleep as the same exact time as my son. Unfortunately, this isn't the case and I end up having a ton of work to do after the little nugget passes out. Everytime I bring up the "co-sleeping" question to other parents, they seem to have really, really strong opinions of the matter. I don't claim to have all the answers, and think that as long as your kids grow up to be functioning members of society who aren't scumbags, then you're a good parent.