An Airbnb Host Caught Her Guest Stealing and Replacing Artwork in Her Home

On TikTok, an Airbnb host documented strange events in her rental home while she was away. Let’s dive into the mysterious details.

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Apr. 21 2023, Published 1:00 p.m. ET

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Buckle up — because this story is downright baffling! On TikTok, an Airbnb host documented strange events in her rental home while she was away. According to @allbelongco on the app, one of her Airbnb guests stole artwork of her’s during their stay.

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However, that wasn’t the most peculiar part. When the creator arrived home and set up a Zoom call in her living room, she noticed that a new painting had taken the old one’s place. So, what happened? Let’s dive into the mysterious details.

Airbnb host and @allbelongco on TikTok caught a guest replacing her artwork with a painting of an airplane propeller
Source: TikTok/@allbelongco

Airbnb host and @allbelongco on TikTok caught a guest replacing her artwork with a painting of an airplane propeller

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An Airbnb host caught her guest stealing and replacing artwork in her home.

In four separate TikTok videos, the Airbnb host explained the drama behind the artwork fiasco. Upon entering her living room, the creator noticed her map artwork above the couch wasn’t there. However, something else was.

In place of the original piece hung an orange and black painting of an airplane propeller — and the map artwork was nowhere to be found.

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“I have never seen this picture before in my life! I don’t know where it came from,” the Airbnb host said. “Suddenly, it’s just hanging on my wall … I’ve never had a guest take things off my wall and then replace them.” And the story only gets stranger.

The Airbnb host posted video evidence of her guest stealing and replacing her artwork.

In the Airbnb host’s second TikTok, she posted video evidence of the guest carrying the new painting from his car into her house (and carrying out her original artwork under a blanket).

“Five minutes before check-out, he walks from his car in broad daylight with the new picture,” the creator explained. “Then, he changes hoodies, takes my picture, hides it underneath a blanket, [and] carries it like a tray to his car.”

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She then filed a claim with Airbnb and contacted the guest’s previous hosts. After debunking several theories as to why the guest would steal her artwork and replace it with a different painting, the creator revealed that another one of his hosts also noticed bizarre behavior when he stayed in her home.

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“The second time she hosted him, he opened her garage and started putting things in there without her approval,” the host revealed.

In her final video, the creator then explained the outcome of the situation with the guest (whom the comment section affectionately dubbed the “Bnb Bandit.”).

The Airbnb guest who stole and replaced the host’s artwork responded oddly to the accusations.

Despite the Airbnb host filing a claim against the guest, the Bnb Bandit gave her a five-star rating. However, the five-star review was not mutual. “In the private feedback section, I asked him to share his reasoning for replacing my picture,” the creator explained.

“And I heard back from him. He asked why am I making a claim about my artwork?” Naturally, the host was baffled by his question after catching him stealing and replacing her artwork on video.

However, there’s not much she can do until she finally receives a response from Airbnb.

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