Internet Users Are Trying to 'Cancel' Disguised Toast, but What Did He Do?

Disguised Toast has become a wildly popular streamer, but there's new drama around him as Twitter users attempt to cancel him for his behavior.


May 3 2021, Published 12:01 p.m. ET

As a YouTuber, Disguised Toast, whose real name is Jeremy Wang, has gained an enormous following in part thanks to a sense of humor that has been described as "edgy." Currently, Disguised Toast has more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube, and more than 1 million on Twitter. Now, he's being called out for his problematic behavior online, with some suggesting that he should be canceled. 

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Let's dive into the Disguised Toast cancel drama.

The drama around Disguised Toast first started after a Twitter user with the username Hope posted a long thread that called out Disguised Toast's problematic behavior. The thread included snippets of videos from Jeremy as well as things he'd said online. In the thread, Hope wrote that the things Jeremy had said were "borderline offensive." 

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“He has explained that there is a grey area between being offensive and not offensive, and he prefers to stay in the grey area where people can squint eyes at him and say, 'that’s kinda messed up,' but at the same time, it isn’t," the thread states. 

The thread continues by suggesting that making jokes that target a specific community is offensive, especially when the person making the jokes is not a member of the community being targeted. 

Jeremy has responded to the thread claiming his past is 'problematic.'

In a post on Twit Longer, Jeremy responded to the idea that his past was problematic, saying that he decided to speak up after some of his friends got harassed. “I have always toed the line of “edgy” humor when it comes to my online presence," he wrote. "Over the last five years, I’ve developed a more sarcastic, blunt, and satirical personality. There’s nothing about what I’ve done publicly that I have tried to hide, delete, or claim ignorance to." 

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 "I take full responsibility for all I’ve said and all my actions," he continued. "I can proudly say that I’m someone who is really open about my life in a space where many hide, not because they are bad people, but because people on the internet love judging and backseating a streamer’s life.”  

Jeremy also said that, while he would try to tone it down, he wasn't going to change his video personality completely. 

Source: Twitter
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"To the original message author: Thanks for taking the time out to properly convey how you feel," Jeremy wrote. "I do apologize to the people who were hurt by my jokes. If you watched my Among Us lobbies, my concern is always whether or not being are having a positive experience, its the same with my fans." 

"With so many new fans coming in from the recent blowup in our friend circle, I'm sure several of them weren't aware that I had a very edgy, dry, sarcastic sense of humor that can definitely be offensive at times," he wrote. 

He also added that those who didn't like his sense of humor or videos should stop watching them. He asked that those online leave his friends alone, adding that he didn't want them dragged into his online mess. 

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