'Too Hot to Handle' Host Desiree Burch Spills the Tea on Season 2 Couples and More (EXCLUSIVE)

Season 2 of 'Too Hot to Handle' has dropped on Netflix, and host Desiree Burch teased which couples she's rooting for with these spoilers.

Sara Belcher - Author

Jun. 23 2021, Published 9:33 a.m. ET

'Too Hot to Handle'
Source: Netflix

Netflix's reality show Too Hot to Handle follows a crew of conventionally hot, sexually active singles as they spend four weeks together. The catch? They can't touch each other.

The whole point of this sexless reality show is to challenge these (often) emotionally unavailable singles to form relationships with each other that aren't based solely on their physical attraction to each other. If they make it to the end of the four weeks, they win $100,000.

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While watching hot people not touch each other for a month doesn't sound necessarily titillating, the show is really made by its narrator, Desiree Burch. Desiree has been a comedian for years, and her comedic digs at the sexy singles turn an uncomfortable experience into a laughable one.

Ahead of the Season 2 premiere, Desiree talked exclusively with Distractify about some of this season's hottest spoilers.

'Too Hot to Handle'
Source: Netflix
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Who gets together in Season 2 of 'Too Hot to Handle'?

While she couldn't reveal specifics (you'll have to watch the season for yourself to see all of the messy drama unfold), Desiree promised there would be some steamy relationships forming.

"There is a UK relationship that forms," Desiree said. "I'm very hopeful it is still intact."

This season's contestants come from a wider range of countries than in the past. While last season featured contestants from the U.S., UK, and Australia, Season 2 pulls players from France, Italy, and New Zealand.

"There's a transatlantic one. You know, between [Europe] and the U.S. that I’m very hopeful is going to make it, but I don't know yet," Desiree spilled.

But Desiree said her favorite relationship (and the one she's really keeping an eye on post-filming) is one that is sure to wow viewers.

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"There's one, I wish I could tell you, but you will see it happen that comes out of nowhere that you're like, 'What?'" she said. "Like I definitely didn't see that coming cause none of [them] seemed like they were really actually interested in anything real, but I think they're still together."

She wouldn't spill just who makes up these pairings, but it sounds like there will be some couples to root for this season.

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Things apparently get heavy between the couples early on as well, Desiree teased. She promised that within the first few episodes, you'll already see some surprising pairings.

"There are some new arrivals that just sort of pair up and you're like, 'Oh, OK.' Like I hadn't even gotten a chance to know you and you're already good," she said.

But while Desiree's job is to bring the laughs, she also said these connections are really the whole point of the show.

"For the men and the women on the show ... I can see that so many of them have undergone that sort of self-reflection that doesn't frequently happen for the attractive until much later when they're less attractive," she said of the couples. "It’s great to empower them with that now."

Watch Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle when the first episodes drop on Netflix on June 23.

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