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Source: Getty Images

9 Reasons the Royal Family Is Actually Not as Strict as You Think


There's been a lot written about the royals' many uptight "rules" and the archaic decorum everyone in the family abides, but the House of Windsor has been changing a lot over the years. Although there are still old customs they must uphold (they are royals after all), the family has been evolving, becoming more modern and less isolated. Sure, they might hold the image of a bunch of "stiff upper crusts," they're actually a lot more normal than you think — well, normal for royals anyway. Below, are a few reasons.

1. They favor gag gifts over elaborate presents.

Source: Getty Images

The royals' Christmas at the Sandringham estate is notorious and, weirdly enough, actually sounds like a great time. The royal family basically gets drunk, plays charades, and exchange hilarious gag gifts. Because the royals are rich and already have everything they would ever need, the family is only allowed to exchange cheap joke gifts instead of expensive ones. One year, Prince Harry gave the Queen a shower cap that said, "Ain't life a b—h," and Princess Anne once gave Prince Charles a leather toilet seat. Last year, Meghan Markle gifted a talking toy hamster that left the Queen in "hysterics."