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Source: Twitter

This Prankster Placed Lifelike AirPod Stickers on Objects All Over the City


Apple probably knew exactly what it was doing when it created the AirPod. An expensive earbud with no cord to connect it to the other one? Is that an innovation? A radical new design? No. It's a way for Apple to guarantee people lose them and come crawling back to buy more. I don't own AirPods because I know that if I did, I would lose at least one of them almost instantly.

It's truly tragic when you see a lost AirPod out in the wild. A lost AirPod in the street indicates that someone's day has been ruined. This woman went viral for putting an insane amount of effort in to rescue her AirPod, which had fallen onto the subway tracks. But now, if you live in Pablo Rochat's city, the lost AirPod you see on the ground might not be real.

Source: Twitter