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Source: iStock Photo

Man Wonders If He Was Wrong for "Passively Tormenting" a Child in Public


Screaming kids throwing temper tantrums in public aren't fun for anybody — neither the parents or guardians of those kids, nor the people around who have to listen to said temper tantrums. It's not really fun for the kids themselves, either. When a kid loses it in a public place, you have to know the parents feel bad. 

They didn't want this. They didn't ask for this. And if you, a bystander, get all huffy and annoyed, that's only going to make them feel worse than they already do (and they already feel Very Very Bad!).  

I'm not saying it's not grating to hear the screams of a kid who has lost complete control of themselves. I too have been on a flight with a baby who doesn't understand the popping in their ears won't last forever and only knows how to wail in reaction to something they don't like. It's not fun. But I don't go up to the crying baby and pinch it or cry back in its face or do something to make it worse.