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Source: Getty Images

Here's a Detailed Summary of What's Going Down Between Fiona Apple and Lil Nas X


In the realm of pop culture, there are very few things I love more in life than witnessing a good old-fashioned celebrity feud from the comfort of my couch. Cardi B versus Nicki Minaj, Britney versus Christina, and Kanye versus T. Swift are just a few of my legendary favorites that went totally viral.

But two celebs you probably never would have imagined having a tiff are Fiona Apple and Lil Nas X. And if you aren't filled in on what happened, let me spill the tea.

Let's start off by introducing both parties in this newfound celebrity feud. First we have Fiona Apple, a singer-songwriter from New York City. She is kween of millennial teenage sadness.

Fiona shreds on the piano, and sings heart-wrenching hits like "Paper Bag," "Criminal," and "Every Single Night."