Viral Tweet Advising Guys to Keep a "Lady Drawer" Inspires Some Very Funny Spoofs

A well-meaning guy's tweet advising dues to keep a "lady drawer" for houseguests of the feminine persuasion has drawn a ton of mockery and spoofs for the baggling contents of said drawer.

Amber Garrett - Author

Jan. 17 2020, Updated 12:12 p.m. ET

lady drawer meme

The internet it full of dating advice to help singles navigate every possible romantic scenario. The topic of how one should treat their intimate partners is a big one, and it's particularly heartening to see men who date women making more of an effort to make their overnight guests feel safe and respected. 

I'm going to go ahead and assume that is the intended sentiment behind some advice given by Twitter user @daddyallday (yeah, for real), who shared this helpful tip for single men that has gone completely viral.

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OK, there's just... a lot to unpack in this drawer. I mean literally unpack, because half of it is no bueno, Is "BassFather" wrong in his recommendation that gentlemen keep supplies on hand that will make houseguests feel more at home? Definitely not. That is A+ advice. However, I think what we have here is a problem of execution.

Because the contents of that drawer are quite a mixed bag (er, drawer). Some items aren't a bad idea to have on hand for many houseguests. As a regular period-haver, I am grateful to any host who keeps tampons on hand, even if they don't need them. And I'd also be grateful to find makeup remover wipes available to me after a night out on the town.

lady drawer detail
Source: twitter

However, this is where BassFather and I part ways. First, there are certain items that should never be communal. Personally I think hairbrushes and accessories belong on that list, though I'm sure some less squeamish people may disagree. I think we can all agree, however, that sex toys aren't up for debate. 

Also, I don't know who needs to hear this — aside from BassFather, naturally — but nobody needs that much nail polish remover.

Amidst all the replies clowning his "lady drawer" contents, BassFather defended himself, saying he's not suggesting these particular items; 'I just had all that laying round so I designated a drawer for it." My man, bless you for the effort but I assure you, your visitors don't need somebody else's vibrator. Ever. You can go ahead and toss that unless the original owner is a frequent and — this is the really crucial part — exclusive guest.

Soon, people started taking BassFather's "lady drawer" concept and running it, posting their own examples of possible contents for their designated drawer for female guests. Personally, this one is my favorite.

Yes. I'd like to state for the record to all friends who will host me in the future that I will require a fully stocked puppy drawer upon my arrival. I do not, however, require this drawer full of Pokemon cards.

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The parodies kept rolling in, and the contents of each drawer ran the gamut from pasta and live bait to one containing busted eyelashes, an obviously secondhand hair scrunchie, and an apology note that reads, "Sorry for the bad sex. Scrunchie on the house."

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Others took the concept of a lady drawer more literally. Ladies. If you find this lady drawer while you are a houseguest, call 911 and find the nearest exit ASAP.

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This next one may be obviously photoshopped, but it's also the only drawer containing items I would legitimately be delighted to find if I was a houseguest. An unopened, unused menstrual cup? Excellent! Antidepressants? Sure, thanks! White Claw and shrimp cocktail? Um... if that drawer is in the refrigerator, then absolutely! 

Not everything is a winner, though. Keep the crystal, but go ahead and toss that extremely frightening sex toy.

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But hey, ladies aren't the only people who need things when they stay over at somebody's place. Don't worry, Twitter's got you covered, too, dudes. Behold, the "fella drawer."

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Ahh, all the essentials! A broken comb, dish soap, a (possibly) empty pack of cigarettes, a spent can of Coors Light, and one single cotton swab. Or, you can keep is a little simple and just leave your male houseguest a sweet note letting him know how welcome he is to stay the night.

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In defense of BassFather, he deserves props for taking all the roasting in stride. He retweeted several of his favorite spoofs and seems to be taking his status as a viral meme with good humor.

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Blessing on this well-meaning man and his future houseguests. But seriously... if any of you out there are hanging onto used sex toys for future guests' pleasure, you can go ahead and toss those now.

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