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Source: Imgur

17 People Share the Most a Dollar Has Ever Gotten Them


Sometimes, a single dollar (or euro or other equivalent forms of currency) can have an outsized impact on one's life. Someone asked the people of Reddit to share the most they've ever gotten for one dollar. Answers ranged from lots to candy to a new job to a whole family, life, and future. This first story of a man, a woman, and the one-dollar bill that got passed between them for years is particularly adorable. 

Source: Imgur

Jfreak7 writes that, back in junior high school, there was this girl that he liked and flirted back and forth with quite a lot. During a band trip one day, they stopped at a gas station and she bought him a pack of gum. Presumably, she liked him, too. He tried to pay her back the $1 for the gum, but she wouldn't take it. So he slipped the single in her pocket when she wasn't looking. And thus, the cutest dollar bill war you could ever imagine began.