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Source: Buena Vista Pictures / Twitter

Tropes About Aging That Are Actually True for People Over 30


I turned 30 in 2019, and while I've always been an old woman in spirit, it has become increasingly clear over the past few years that aging is real, and it's happening. Now. Don't get me wrong; I have grandparents and parents. I've always known that people get older. And they complain about their back and their bills and lots of other things. But it's hard to conceive of what that actually feels like until it starts happening to you. 

Twitter user @exfatalist has recently started feeling some effects of aging that she was once convinced were just tropes or overgeneralizations. So she asked others over the age of 30 to share the things that are beginning to happen to their bodies, their minds, and their lives that they never thought would actually go down when they were young and spritely. The responses were relatable AF, which is a phrase I feel silly using now that I am over 30 years old.