Body Shot Challenge
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Ryan Garcia Put Steelers' JuJu Smith-Schuster Through His Body Shot Challenge

Ryan Garcia has put tons of people through his body shot challenge, and it's hard to withstand is even with protection.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Mar. 4 2021, Published 12:06 p.m. ET

You can dedicate your entire life to physical fitness. You can be totally ripped, have an eight-pack and 9 percent body fat. You can have ridiculous core strength and biceps, back muscles, pectorals, quadriceps, calves, etc. for days while still maintaining flexibility. But if you don't have any combat sports training, you'll badly lose to someone in a fight who does, regardless of what they look like. Ryan Garcia fights at 130 lbs., but he packs a mean punch, as evinced by his body shot challenge.

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What does Ryan Garcia's body shot challenge consist of? You put on a stomach guard and let him go to work.

There are tons of athletes, celebrities, and popular figures who've participated in the young boxer's body shot challenge. They stand stationary, put their hands to their side or behind their back, stand still, and let him tee off of their stomach.

Here's the thing though: It'd be nuts to just stand there and let a trained killer punch you in your stomach unprotected.

That's why Garcia's rocking boxing gloves in the challenge and whoever's on the receiving end of the challenge is wearing a big, padded stomach guard. So you would think that no matter how hard someone hits you, you're not really going to feel that body shot, right? Well, while the pads do help stop some of the impact, they're mostly there to ensure no bones are broken.

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ryan garcia body shot challenge
Source: YouTube

There's still a ton of force absorbed from those punches, and there really isn't anywhere for those vibrations to go except inside your body. Meaning that if somebody knows how to throw a punch, they could easily bring you to your knees with a single shot. Anyone who's ever suffered from a legit liver or body shot knows just how much they hurt and how difficult it is to keep fighting after you've been leveled by one.

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There doesn't seem to be any set number of rules for Ryan Garcia's body shot challenge: He keeps unloading on you until, sooner or later, you fall down. And the Pittsburgh Steelers' JuJu Smith-Schuster is one of the latest participants in the pugilist's challenge.

In the uploaded video, it appears that JuJu and Ryan got together for a workout and at the end of it, he donned the protective stomach gear to let Ryan go to work.

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At first, he's seemingly able to withstand Ryan's left hand bodyshots, but when the boxer switched to his right hand and positioned himself to get a bit more oomph on his punches, there wasn't much JuJu could do except succumb to the onslaught.

Here's the thing. It's not just about pain with body shots. Your legs give out, and all of the wind is sucked out of your body. You shut down completely and it's very difficult to come back from that.

But if you notice, there are some huge pro-fighters who aren't perturbed by it at all, like UFC Heavyweight Boogeyman, Francis Ngannou. Garcia also attempted it against the Paul brothers and a bunch of other people. Check out the videos below:

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People are posting some of their favorite body shot moments in the wake of Ryan Garcia's challenge.

MMA, boxing, Kickboxing, Kyokushin karate matches, whatever the combat sport is, people began sharing clips of gnarly body shots, and of course, there are plenty of other clips of Garcia's own shots from actual pro fights circulating the web.

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My personal favorite body shot video that's ever occurred in the history of professional fighting is Scott Smith versus Pete Sell. What a dramatic turn of events. Probably the best reaction to getting hit in the body ever.

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