A Burglar Tried to Get Inside Shane Dawson's House, New Video Reveals

A brand-new video shows an unidentified trespasser attempt to break into Shane Dawson's house. Read on to find out more about the harrowing incident.

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Jul. 17 2020, Updated 3:35 p.m. ET

shane dawson house break in
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An unidentified trespasser tried to break into Shane Dawson's house in October 2019. A new video titled "The End of the Beauty World" captures the incident in harrowing detail.

The 36-minute- and 44-second-long piece begins with clips showing Shane and his close friend and collaborator, Jeffree Star, acquire pepper sprays, gas masks, and other items to improve his home security system. The rest of the video offers firsthand insight into the nerve-racking experience. 

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A trespasser tried to break into Shane Dawson's house last year.

As "The End of the Beauty World" reveals, the unnamed individual jumped the locked gate outside of Shane's property, knocking on every door and window before proceeding to the garage and trying to force open the back door. 

The person wore a hoodie and two backpacks. Exact details about his identity have yet to be disclosed. 

shane dawson house break in
Source: YouTube
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The new video provides rare insight into the horrifying incident, juxtaposing Shane's narration of the events with CCTV footage showing the intruder walking around the celebrity YouTuber's house.

"Something happened a couple of nights ago [...] probably I'd say the scariest thing I've ever been through in my life, ever," Shane confesses at the beginning of the piece. 

As the star describes, the invader arrived at the gates at around 8 p.m. He and his fiancée, Ryland Adams, were in the living room when they first heard the noises of someone banging on the window panes. Shane asked Ryland to call the police immediately. Meanwhile, the person proceeded to make their way to the garage, which left the couple paralyzed by fear. 

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"The person started going around the house and bang on all the windows and all the doors. It was really scary, and I thought we were gonna die," Shane says.  

The first-person narrations are interspersed with raw footage charting the burglar's movements from the patio to the garage, including frames depicting how the man reached the back door, and clips evincing the couple's immediate reactions. The video also shows Ryland grab the baseball bat specifically purchased for this purpose. 

shane dawson house break in
Source: YouTube
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"I realize that my door is unlocked, so I run and I lock it. As I'm locking it, the person goes and grabs for the handle," Shane explains. 

"I've never been in that situation. It was like the Strangers," Shane adds later on. 

As the YouTuber reasoned at the end of the video, it is possible that the man wanted to enter the property in a bid to get hold of and counterfeit his Conspiracy face makeup palettes, similarly to what happened to Jeffree Star shortly before the release of his Blue Blood concealer line in April 2019. 

According to Seventeen, the man was arrested on Shane's patio. 

It's only been a year since the first rumors about Shane Dawson's arrest have emerged.

The YouTuber came under scrutiny for making unusual comments about pornography, and photographs capturing naked babies in particular. Shane ended up deleting the controversial video, and he also issued a public apology, NME notes. 

"Having my name next to the word pedophile is actually the most triggering and the most heartbreaking thing I’ve literally ever seen. I’ve been called everything," Shane stated.

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