Shane Dawson Made Inappropriate Remarks About Trayvon Martin in an Old Video

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Jul. 17 2020, Updated 3:32 p.m. ET

2020 has been a strange year for many things, including Shane Dawson. The 31-year-old YouTube star was officially ~canceled~ after making pedophilic comments about young rapper Willow Smith, making sex jokes to his 12-year-old cousin, and for filming himself in blackface. Needless to say, he needs to clean up his act.

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A highly controversial video also resurfaced, which showed Shane Dawson joking about Trayvon Martin, a Black teenager who was shot in 2012 by a neighborhood "volunteer" claiming self-defense because he thought the 17-year-old looked "suspicious" after leaving a shop.

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Why was Shane Dawson discussing Trayvon Martin?

Twitter user @lonelypigeon1_ took to Twitter to share a clip from a YouTube video that had since been deleted, but was re-posted to Daily Motion. In the video, Shane is playing a game with YouTubers Steve Greene and Nikki Limo, in which they pick a name out of a pot and proceed to "roast" that person. The person who Shane selected was none other than Trayvon Martin.

It's unclear why anyone would include Trayvon Martin in this light-hearted game, but we digress. In the video, when Shane selects Trayvon Martin's name from the pot, he mocks the late teenager, saying, "maybe you wouldn't have been walking around the streets if you had a job." Yikes. Check out the full video, below.

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Steve Greene and Nikki Limo both made disappointing non-apologies.

Apparently, Steve Greene and Nikki Limo addressed the situation... kind of. According to Indy100, they addressed the situation in a video posted to Steve's channel. They said the whole point was to make a list of people who are "so pure and good it's impossible to roast them" such as Jesus, Robin Williams, and apparently Trayvon Martin. They reiterated "the joke was not on the people on the list," and that they "don't think like that, that's not who [they] are."

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Fans obviously weren't satisfied by this insincere "apology." Twitter user @xbercanicolex said what we're all thinking: "I have the darkest humor ever n i don’t find this funny at all. if anyone finds this funny they’re racist. straight up. stop using others words to describe racist. “ignorant” “learned from his past”’s called racism. call it for what it is."

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Shane has yet to apologize for his inappropriate joke.

Unlike Steve and Nikki, it doesn't seem as though Shane has responded to the resurfaced video yet. We aren't entirely sure if he will at all, because he seems to be laying low as his past mistakes are continuously coming back to haunt him. However, it would probably be best for him to address the situation, and own up for what he's done.

Things have truly taken a turn for Shane Dawson this year. We never really thought the beloved conspiracy theory enthusiast would end up being racist and creepy, but then again, few things are coming as a surprise these days. 

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