TikTok's "Show the Girl Then What She Drives" Trend Is Meant to Shock You

The "Show the Girl Then What She Drives" TikTok trend is heating up right now! Here’s what people should know about it if they're curious.

Stephanie Harper - Author

Apr. 18 2022, Published 5:39 p.m. ET

It’s time to buckle up for a new TikTok trend that’s gaining tons of popularity on the video-sharing app.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of TikTok is the fact that users have a place where they can brag about themselves a little (or even poke fun at themselves) while connecting with their friends and followers.

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A lot of people feel like it’s harder to post content on Instagram without feeling super judged. TikTok is a much easier app to use in terms of following trends and trying challenges. And the "Show the Girl Then What She Drives" TikTok trend is heating up right now! Here’s what people should know before hopping on the bandwagon.

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What’s the "Show the Girl Then What She Drives" TikTok trend?

It’s occasionally quite shocking to see people driving cars that don’t look totally suited for them. The "Show the Girl Then What She Drives" trend is giving ladies a chance to surprise their followers in a major way.

One user by the name of @KristaStevens starts her TikTok video with a series of beautiful photos. Her pics make her look like she lives the most luxurious life –– and probably drives a super luxurious vehicle.

It turns out she drives an older Honda Accord! The good news for her is that although it might not be the nicest car in any lot, it’s reliable and cost-effective.

Another user by the name of @typicallyta joined the trend adding a cute selfie of herself puckered up with her makeup on, wearing a bunch of pretty jewelry. You’d probably envision her driving a Mercedes-Benz or Audi A5. Instead, she’s the type of woman who drives a pale blue-colored minivan!

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A third user by the name @KylieeKramerr posted a few pics of herself showcasing the fact that she’s quite petite in size. When she revealed what she drives, it was pretty shocking to see! She’s got a giant pickup truck that probably isn’t the easiest thing to climb into. Her vehicle reveal is probably one of the most surprising car reveals on TikTok.

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Here’s how you can participate in the "Show the Girl Then What She Drives" TikTok trend.

When it comes to trends on TikTok, you’re free to use whatever background noises and sounds you think would work best. The sound that’s being used most frequently with this trend is one created by a user named @LowFroPhotography. He currently has more than 210,700 followers on TikTok who’ve granted him 3.6 million likes across all his content. He’s a photographer, professional BMX and motocross man, and social media influencer.

Most of his content is about cars, motorcycles, and anything related to the auto industry. It makes sense that the sound he created is now being used with such a viral car-themed trend. Once you select his sound (or another that you might like instead), all you have to do is add some pics of yourself before revealing what your current car looks like. Simple enough! This trend is an opportunity to brag about your current ride, or poke fun at yourself if your car is a little embarrassing.

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