A Teacher on TikTok Claims That Band-Aids Are a Symbol of Racism and Users Are Outraged

The teacher Band-Aid TikTok has caused controversy on social media. After she claimed Band-Aids are a symbol of white privilege, users are outraged.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Jun. 2 2021, Published 2:19 p.m. ET

Teacher Band Aid TikTok
Source: Twitter

When trying to be woke goes too far…

These days, many white people are making it a point to educate themselves more about racism and understanding their privilege. While this is something that most would say should have been done long ago, it’s respectable to see people finally wake up and rise to the occasion. However, there is such a thing as mislabeling white privilege, and a TikToker is feeling the wrath of many via social media.

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White privilege is a topic that will always be a conversation, but it doesn’t help to incorrectly correlate the term with other issues. Hence why the teacher Band-Aid TikTok has become a hot topic throughout social media. Read on to get the 4-1-1.

The teacher Band-Aid TikTok consists of a creator accusing the brand of being a symbol of white privilege.

Let’s be honest: White privilege is something that can be seen and witnessed on an everyday basis. From watching reality shows, keeping up-to-date with social media, or simply incidents in everyday life, one can see that white privilege is constant. And it's something that Black people are tired of having to deal with.

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Teacher Band-Aid TikTok
Source: TikTok

But, white privilege is not a term that can be attached to just about any situation. After all, white privilege consists of white people being able to have advantages in the world because of their race that others — mainly Black and Brown people— are not afforded since it's a form of racism.

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Knowing the actual definition of white privilege has left many outraged at the Band-Aid teacher TikTok. The teacher explains in the video that the adhesive strips' tan color doesn’t match the skin tone of BIPOC. As a result, she decided that this is a form of white privilege.

Source: Twitter
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“White privilege,” she said while holding two Band-Aids in the video. “Think about it. Whose flesh tone is this? I have brown Band-Aids in my classroom. I had to special order them. They are twice as much as these, they are hard to find, and they are frequently out of stock.”

She continued, “When I hand a Brown child a white Band-Aid, I am literally adding insult to injury and I refuse to do that in my classroom.”

Social media users are outraged that she is trying to be a "woke warrior" and spreading misinformation.

It’s one thing to use your white privilege in allyship; it’s another to completely miss the mark and make a fool out of yourself. And this is exactly what this teacher has done.

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Source: TikTok

Not only is her rhetoric dangerous to those who are not informed about the topic, but this whole issue is pretty trivial. And TikToker Kory Yeshua wasted no time reading her for filth.

On his page, many of his followers shared the same sentiments and questioned her end goal.

"Omg. I'm a nurse. Bandages are bandages. No one cares about what color they are," one user commented.

"This is scary because a Band-Aid is a Band-Aid. She doesn't need to teach," another user commented.

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Children for the most part don’t care about the color of their Band-Aids matching their skin tone or not. Kids are likely more interested in having adhesive strips with cool cartoon characters and other child-friendly designs.

Not only is this issue pointless, but it’s telling that the creator is making an issue about something that’s false. Band-Aids come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. So, her stance on the color of Band-Aids being disrespectful to Brown children is highly problematic.

Source: Twitter

Hence why it’s very important to know exactly what a concept or issue is before speaking out about it. And while it seems that she has gotten the message after deleting her social media, it’s essential to know and understand that this is not a correct example white privilege. 

Not to mention, social media is now very concerned about what and how this person is teaching her students.

What do think? Is this teacher in the wrong here?

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