Woman Who Complained About Having a Job During Pandemic Draws Twitter Controversy

Twitter has some strong opinions, in both directions, regarding this woman who wants to "swap places" with a furloughed employee.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jan. 7 2021, Updated 9:36 a.m. ET

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If you're going to express any opinion publicly on the internet, then expect people to come out of the woodwork to either tell you that they now will pledge their undying devotion to you as a result of your thoughts, or that you're the devil incarnate for uttering such a hurtful and malicious phrase. This is especially true whenever the topic of a politically charged or global-scale topic of controversy, like the COVID-19 pandemic is discussed.

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This could be why a tweet from Shannon Walsh is causing such a stir online. The woman wrote "Not to upset anyone but I’m actually jealous of people furloughed now I’ve worked throughout this whole pandemic. I need a break lol if anyone wants to swap for a bit let me know, sis is tired x."

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Her comments soon sparked a passionate online discourse. Many people wrote that they agreed with Shannon, saying that having to work during the pandemic was less than ideal and exceptionally tiring.

Tons of folks who were suddenly forced to work from home while simultaneously ensuring their kids adjusted to online schooling made getting their work done that much more difficult.

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Studies have even been conducted that suggest individuals who are working from home are typically logging in three more hours of work per day without an increase in pay. In fact, some employers are arguing for reduced worker salaries, arguing that the "reduced cost in living" expenses of employees more than justify the decrease. Others have countered that this is an unjust proposition, as employer overheads in many industries have been drastically decreased (no need for office spaces, utilities, etc.).

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But there were also a great number of people who expressed that Shannon's tweet was coming from a place of "privilege" and that she was being ungrateful for the fact that she was able to keep a job that provided steady income during the pandemic as there are so many people around the world whose abilities to earn a living were severely mitigated.

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In-person industries, retailers, and family-owned sit-in restaurants were hit especially hard during the pandemic, and depending on which part of the country that you live in, lockdowns have had huge financial implications on a businesses' ability to turn a profit. This is especially true of operations that rely on tourism or live attendances to earn money.

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The thread contained a lot of people who expressed that Shannon's comments were probably coming from a place of "boredom" as COVID has also severely restricted abilities to seek traditional forms of entertainment and leisure that were previously afforded to us prior to the pandemic. It's not like we can go to a music festival while the coronavirus is running rampant, can we?

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Others expressed how they wish they could be back at work and even those who have managed to get jobs lamented their lost income potentials and the severe cuts to their wages they've experienced during the pandemic.

For many, their bills and daily expenses have remained constant - pandemic or not.

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And with congress being castigated for not providing enough financial support to Americans, despite tons of evidence proving that they can certainly do so, it doesn't look like citizens are in for a significant helping hand anytime soon.

Well, at least Shannon can console herself with the fact that there was at least one person who could articulate a positive interpretation of her tweet.

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