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Source: istock

People Share the Worst and Weirdest Birthday Presents They Ever Received


When it comes to gift-giving, they say it's the thought that counts. But sometimes a present is so weird and out-of-left-field, you're left wondering what exactly they could have been thinking. No really, what thought could possibly lead one to wrap a Bible and a jar of pickles and call it a solid birthday gift? 

Sure, sometimes a seemingly random gift is actually a callback to an inside joke, but if that's the case with the 15 baffling birthday presents below, the recipients weren't in on the gag.

1. Maybe it's time for grandma to write a follow-up book...

MoreUtopia's most random gift ever game courtesy of their grandma, who bestowed "a free PDF of her book on understanding your changing body for girls." The self-help guide teaches you "how to sync you period up with 'grandmother moon'" and offers "natural alternatives to tampons." 

While this gift is a touch on the "woo" side and a bit self-serving, since Grandma authored the book, it doesn't seem that weird to me — though growing up in California may have skewed my gauge. However, this poster points out, "I've already gone through puberty and I'm a guy." Well, if you ever have kids and one of them is a girl, you'll be all set!