Here's How to Defeat Fashion Challengers During Fashion Week in 'Pokémon Go'

What is a Fashion Challenge in 'Pokemon Go'? Here's how to win one during the game's Fashion Week that's going on now and what you can catch.

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Sep. 24 2021, Published 1:29 p.m. ET

The free game Pokémon Go gives fans an immersive way to catch all the Pokémon their hearts desire without the $60 price tag of most Nintendo Switch games. It's continuously updated, and many times those updates correspond with other games in the franchise like Snap and the duo Sword and Shield.

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Many of those Pokémon Go updates are different challenges that bring new aspects to the gameplay throughout the year, and it's time for 2021's Fashion Week. In this event, players battle in Fashion Challenges. But what exactly are they and how do you do it? Here's what we know.

What is a Fashion Challenge in 'Pokémon Go'?

Fashion Challenges are a unique part of Fashion Week in Pokémon Go. From Sept. 21–28, 2021, the game will have additional features like cute outfits and research requests seen throughout the game. These challenges are battles players have to compete in and win against a Fashion Challenger in order to complete research requests given to them by Professor Willow.

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Fashion Challengers are basically trainers available during Pokemon Go's Fashion Week. They are at PokéStops throughout the game, and all you have to do is interact with a stop to start a battle. Keep in mind that the research requests are timed, so every step including the challenge needs to be finished before time runs out. If you're able to complete everything, you get rewards including XP, PokéBalls, and costumes.

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Here's how to battle a Fashion Challenge in 'Pokémon Go.'

Battles with Fashion Challengers are almost identical to other kinds of trainer battles except they don't use a shield. Five different types will appear in the game: Cool, Eccentric, Quirky, Sassy, and Slick. Depending on the one you get, you'll go up against different Pokémon in your battle, although each one starts off with a Furfrou which you're more likely to catch during Fashion Week.

According to Eurogamer, here's what Pokémon each Fashion Challenger will battle with:

  • Cool Challenger - Furfrou - Sneasel - Gothitelle
  • Eccentric Challenger - Furfrou - Graveler - Blitzle
  • Quirky Challenger - Furfrou - Braixen - Shinx
  • Sassy Challenger - Furfrou - Butterfree - Vaporeon
  • Slick Challenger - Furfrou - Croagunk - Obstagoon

Now that you know what to expect, Fashion Challengers should be easy to defeat. Plus, they don't use shields, so you already have a guaranteed win. If anything, it's best to start these battles with a fighting-type Pokémon. These will be the strongest against Furfrou and at least advance you to the next round.

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If you missed out on some of the Fashion Week challenges this year, there's no need to worry. Fashion Week is an annual event in Pokémon Go, so as long as you're willing to wait another year, you will get another chance. There are also increased spawn rates for different Pokémon during this time.

We already mentioned Furfrou, but Fashion Butterfree, Fashion Kirlia, Fashion Croagunk, Fashion Blitzle, Skitty, Glameow, Frillish, and Gothita are more likely to spawn. Plus, Blitzle will be an available Shiny for the first time.

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