Woman Admits to Withholding Good Ideas During Meetings to Avoid Extra Work

Work smarter, not harder! The age-old mantra continues to reign supreme within the corporate world and @jenntrento’s viral TikTok video showcases why.

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May 22 2023, Published 2:16 p.m. ET

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Work smarter, not harder! The age-old mantra continues to reign supreme within the corporate world, and content creators aren’t shying away from wearing the slogan on their sleeves. Case in point? @jenntrento’s viral TikTok video showcasing her Microsoft Teams mentality.

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Capitalizing on the trending “also … I don’t know” audio, Jenn’s five-second clip reflected what many of us actually think when attending a virtual meeting. Here’s why the video hit close to home for so many creators.

TikTok creator @jenntrento shares video about not sharing ideas during meetings to avoid extra work
Source: TikTok/@jenntrento
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A content creator revealed she doesn’t share ideas in meetings to avoid extra work.

Despite being short in length, Jenn’s video successfully conveyed the WFH meeting mindset for many. Using the popular @famedflames TikTok audio that says, “also … I don’t know,” the creator showed what it feels like to think twice before creating more work for yourself.

“When you’re in a Teams meeting and want to make a suggestion but realize you would be responsible for doing all the work,” the video’s text read. Jenn’s caption captured the sentiment as well. “On second thought…” she joked.

And the comment section couldn’t agree more. From sharing that they refuse to do anything above their pay grade to admitting that they prefer issues to be someone else’s problem, other users didn’t hold back when offering their opinions on the matter.

Not only that, but Microsoft 365 couldn’t help but comment. Here's a look at what everyone said...

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Other TikTok creators also admitted to keeping comments to themselves during work meetings.

Jenn wasn’t the only one who proudly admitted to avoiding extra work. One creator in the comment section couldn’t emphasize the importance of silence enough. “Above my paygrade,” they said of offering additional ideas during meetings. “Silence is golden.”

Another person added, “I think above my paygrade, but act my paygrade.” Someone else said, “Literally, every time I can see a problem coming, it just lands me with more work. I prefer to let things fall apart and be someone else’s problem to fix.”

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However, the funniest comment came from the most unexpected of creators — Microsoft 365 itself. The genius behind Microsoft Teams also poked fun at virtual meetings, writing, “pump the breaks,” alongside a crying laughing emoji. Naturally, Jenn had to agree.

“Exactly!” she replied, followed by three crying laughing emojis.

Jenn also joked about her job infringing on her “TikTok time.”

Jenn made a separate video about her supervisor cutting into her much-needed social media scrolling two days later.

“When your boss keeps interrupting your TikTok time to do the job you are being paid to do,” she wrote. And her caption was just as relatable. “Why is it always me?!” the creator joked.

Once again, the comment section couldn’t have agreed more. “Me at work right now in the bathroom scrolling TikTok,” a user quipped.

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