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27 People Who Went Too Far For The Perfect Shot

Ask any Instagram-obsessed individual: Getting the "perfect" shot down is an exact science.

All of those "impromptu" cute photos are carefully coordinated attempts to make people look like they're living their best lives in their best possible light. Which means only the best poses, best angles, and best levels of shade and sun glare, and neck fat, and eye shimmer will make it to the final picture that'll be uploaded to Instagram.

And while the results of these photos can instantly be double-tapped or dismissed, there are some unsung heroes in the taking of these photos that rarely get the credit they deserve: the people behind the camera. As it turns out, they go through some pretty crazy lengths to land that perfect shot.

By Mustafa Gatollari
21 hours ago

40 Packaging Fails That Should Have Never Made It Off The Assembly Line

Human beings have set up a pretty weird way of life for ourselves, haven't we?

A lot of us work jobs that we don't like but are terrified to lose because we need to survive. Then we die. It's a bad settlement that we delude ourselves into thinking we're placating by buying a bunch of stuff we don't need. We chase more money so we can buy more of that stuff and maybe have kids who live out the same pattern of behavior.

Since we're all complicit is this weird way of life, and we are consumers, when we buy something, it better be a great experience. If I'm trying to stave off an existential crisis, I want the products that are helping to stave it off to at least come in packaging that makes sense, darn it!

By Mustafa Gatollari
1 day ago

25 Images That Show The Harsh Reality Of Being An Adult

Growing up isn't easy and if you think it is, just watch the terror in a potty-training toddler's eyes when they realize that they've been ignoring their internal warnings for two hours at the park and it's T-minus 15 seconds before their pants are goners.

And it seems like when we were all kids, all we could think about was how cool it is to be a grown-up. You get to stay up as late as you want and ride as many roller coasters as you want and drive your car whenever you want and not have to put up with anyone you didn't want to put up with.

And, while that's true for some people because they choose to live their lives that way, not everyone is so fortunate or makes that happen for themselves. Many of us are stuck facing the reality that growing up really isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

By Mustafa Gatollari
2 days ago

25 Scenes From Kids Movies That Were Actually Terrifying

It's easy to remember the happy-go-lucky days when we're children. Of staying outside until it became pitch black, of sneaking in video game time on a school night or buying a ticket for Wild Wild West and then heading into the theater playing South Park. Being enthusiastic and hopeful for the future is basically a given, being truly bitter and cynical as a kid was almost impossible.

Again, the rainbows and butterflies are all easy to remember, but you know what else I remember about my childhood? The fear. The constant, palpable fear.

I remember recurring nightmares and not wanting to sleep because my dreams were horrifying. I remember being legitimately freaked out by scenes in horror films and thinking my life was in danger on rollercoasters and theme park rides.

Maybe that great fear I had of losing my life made me appreciate the fun parts of my childhood that much more and if that was the case, then these moments from these movies are responsible for a lot of the good times I had as a kid.

By Mustafa Gatollari
4 days ago

22 Hilarious Memes To Come Out Of The Zuckerberg Hearing

If you watched The Social Network, then you'll know that one of the early uses of Facebook was as a  platform for measuring the attractiveness of other people.

It then spawned into a cultural phenomenon where pretty much everyone uses it, whether for networking, staying in touch with family, or connecting with internet communities, all for free. 

The problem with free services is that, like most free things, it isn't exactly free. While Zuckerberg explains that Facebook doesn't directly sell your data to advertisers, Facebook uses the information users provide to target ads to specific audiences. Once advertisers tell Facebook the sort of user they want to target, Facebook can place the ads on accounts that are the right fit.

The implications of this data use are being thoroughly covered, so there are plenty of places you can check out the nitty gritty details that may teach you some things you didn't know about the way Facebook works. 

Even better than that, though, are the jokes and memes to come out of the hearing.

By Mustafa Gatollari
1 week ago