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These Babies Trying The Best Foods For The First Time Are Too Relatable

One cool thing about being a parents is discovering things you've come to take for granted through new eyes. Everything you love, everything you hate, is something your baby has yet to experience. You protect them from the bad stuff and introduce them to the good stuff. Like pizza. Pizza is very, very good.

Podcaster Jody Avirgan shared a pic of their daughter having what looks like a religious experience after her first pizza and it is a perfect encapsulation of how it feels to chomp down a slice:

But there is a whole world of babies having their first holy tastes of all their favorite foods.

Like bacon:

Whatever is in that drink cup:

Bacon again:

Apples goes over with less excitement:

But apple sauce versus veggies? There's a clear winner:

Wait till they find out about ice cream:

Babies trying lemons is an entire online art form:

But it seems like they love how horrible it is?

Going back for more of something terrible is exactly what I do at the bar every weekend:

We want the bad stuff!

But nothing is like pizza, it's true:

Testify! To cravings.