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Lucy Liu Said Bill Murray Spewed "Inexcusable" Insults at Her While Filming 'Charlie's Angels'

Chris Barilla - Author

Jul. 28 2021, Published 1:55 p.m. ET

As a part of the crime-fighting trio in 2000's Charlie's Angels and its sequel, Lucy Liu worked alongside Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore in some of the movies' most iconic moments and further solidified her stardom. Off-camera, however, it appears as though Lucy and one of her co-stars in the first film — Bill Murray — had some seriously intense beef, which included verbal harassment that has resonated in her mind to this day.

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Mentions of Lucy and Bill's on-set beef has popped up on some occasions for various reasons in the years since Charlie's Angels, but now a clearer picture of how it all went down has emerged thanks to Lucy's recent appearance on a podcast, where she spilled the beans about the extent of their issues.

So, what details did Lucy share about her beef with Bill, and how has she handled the fallout from the situation ever since? Here are all of the known details.

Drew Barrymore, Bill Murray, and Lucy Liu
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Bill Murray and Lucy Liu's beef has come up before, but her most recent admissions are shocking.

During a recent chat on the Los Angeles Times podcast Asian Enough, Lucy, who played Alex Monday, recalled an instance where Bill, who played John Bosley, wasn't around for weekend rehearsals during which a scene of his was altered. When he returned and learned of the changes, she claimed that he apparently began to "hurl insults" at her.

Lucy was shocked that Bill reacted in such a way to the changes, explaining, "I couldn’t believe that [his comments] could be towards me, because what do I have to do with anything majorly important at that time? I literally do the look around my shoulder thing, like, 'Who is he talking to behind me?'"

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The actress responded to his comments by saying, "I’m so sorry. Are you talking to me?" before she realized that his rants "started to become a one-on-one communication."

Nonetheless, Lucy refused to take his insults without offering a response. "If you confront me I will attack and that’s exactly what happened because it was unjust and it was uncalled for," she said.

Lucy Liu
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Although she didn't go into specifics about how exactly she responded to Bill, Lucy maintained that "I stood up for myself, and I don’t regret it, because no matter how low on the totem pole you may be or wherever you came from, there’s no need to condescend or to put other people down."

She also acknowledged that media outlets painted the feud out to be her fault after the fact, but added that she doesn't maintain bad feelings toward him years later.

"I have nothing against Bill Murray at all," Lucy explained on the podcast. "I’ve seen him since then at an SNL reunion, and he came up to me and was perfectly nice, but I’m not going to sit there and be attacked."

Lucy attributed her confidence to stand up to Bill to her childhood, where she watched her mother be demeaned by others over apparent language barriers. This, she claims, taught her to stand up for her "self-respect" by any means necessary.

"No matter what happens between now and whatever career choices I make or whatever life decisions I make, I will walk away with my dignity," the actress said candidly.

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