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Source: Netflix

Dr. Lisa Sanders Asks the Public for Help in Uncovering Medical Mysteries in Netflix Docuseries 'Diagnosis'


Netflix’s new docuseries Diagnosis follows Dr. Lisa Sanders as she tries to uncover rare medical mysteries using the internet to crowdsource for theories and other information. In seven episodes, audiences meet individuals who face serious health issues with no real diagnosis. 

The show invites viewers to watch the process of Dr. Sanders seeking theories from all over the world via the internet, and the response she gets from researchers, doctors, and others who possibly have similar symptoms.   

"It's so amazing to be able to present a story and have it heard quite literally around the world — and have people talk back," Dr. Sanders says. "And that's really so much this moment in time. I still can't get over it." So, who is Dr. Sanders and how is she using the power of social media to change the lives of these individuals?