'Big Brother' Alums Memphis and Christmas' Showmance Rumors May Have Been True

Now that Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott are dating after their season of 'Big Brother: All-Stars 2,' fans are wondering who their former partners are.

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Dec. 2 2020, Updated 12:00 p.m. ET

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When Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett competed on Big Brother: All-Stars 2, they sparked rumors of a possible showmance. Viewers were sure they had seen them kiss on a live feed clip, while others had seen them flirt enough times to insist something was there between them. Now, they’ve come out as a couple, shocking almost no one in the fandom.

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But it still begs the question of whether or not they were involved with each other in the house or if they had other partners at the time they finally romantically linked up outside of Big Brother. Whatever happened to get them to where they are now, neither Christmas nor Memphis is shy about sharing their love with the world.

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But who are Memphis and Christmas' former partners?

Before Christmas went on Big Brother: All-Stars 2, she had a son with a man by the name of Benjamin Bunn. Going into the Big Brother house, Christmas appeared single, but before that, she had a complicated relationship with Benjamin. She accused him of cheating on her while she was pregnant and she confronted the woman he had allegedly been unfaithful with. She was arrested for crashing into her car. Afterward, Christmas and Benjamin split for good.

Memphis’ dating history is a little more complicated, at least when it comes to his new relationship with Christmas. When Memphis went on Big Brother: All-Stars 2, he was in a relationship with Dominique Scalise. And when fans claimed Memphis and Christmas were in a showmance, Dominique stood by him, calling it "fake news" on social media.

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There were rumors of a 'Big Brother' showmance when they starred in 'All-Stars 2.'

Now that Christmas and Memphis have come out as an official couple, it would seem that things didn't end well with Dominique after Memphis left Big Brother. The timeline, however, is what’s important here. Memphis and Christmas’s Big Brother season ended at the end of October 2020. The last post on Memphis’ Instagram with his now ex-girlfriend was in September 2020.

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Her own Instagram has since been scrubbed of any photos with Memphis. It’s not clear if there was any overlap, but things don't seem very amicable, at the very least. Does this mean the showmance rumors actually had some merit to them? Let’s hope Memphis had the decency to at least wait until he and his girlfriend broke up before he started things with Christmas on an official level.

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Did Memphis and Christmas move in together?

A photo popped up on Twitter in November 2020 showing Memphis and Christmas together at a bar, so they might have already been together even then. Whatever the case may be, they originally resided in different states altogether. When they went into the Big Brother house in the summer of 2020, Memphis lived in Florida and Christmas still lived in North Carolina.

"I really didn't think that it would happen for me," Christmas told E! News. "I wasn't looking for a relationship [on Big Brother], I was there to win. It's so wild to have this experience because we reverse-engineered how society promotes falling in love. Memphis and I got to know one another through real conversations, building trust with each other, and not starting with a physical connection. That's a rare thing."

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It's totally possible that one of them moved to be in the other’s city, but as far as moving in together goes, they might be a little far off from that just yet. They both have sons, so the idea of being together under one roof could appeal to them as a couple in love. For now, though, they might want to take things slowly.

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