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Source: Netflix

Netflix’s 'Messiah' Ascends to Netflix Next Month — What’s It About?


“He’s come out of nowhere and we don’t know who he is.” So begins the trailer for Messiah, the new thriller series coming to Netflix early next year. But who is “he”? A savior? A con man? A cult leader? Here’s everything we know about Messiah, the Netflix series.

What is Messiah on Netflix about?

A mysterious figure appears out of nowhere and grabs the world’s attention with public acts of disruption... or are they miracles? One of his many followers claims that the man saved his daughter from a deadly tornado. The trailer shows several shots of people crowding around him in admiration. One man bows at his feet. As the man performs more of these seemingly impossible feats, his followers become more and more convinced that he might actually be the Messiah.