The Milwaukee Public Library Runs Their Own TikTok That the Internet Seems to Love

The Milwaukee Public Library runs their own TikTok account, which often goes viral as they advertise the library's resources with memes and trends.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Dec. 29 2022, Published 6:40 p.m. ET

A social media presence is essential in today's modern world. Having an online portfolio, a website, or even just a Twitter account can prove to be invaluable in a job search, and even public businesses and big-time brands understand the importance of having to connect with people online. Oftentimes, you can get some cringe-worthy online interactions between fast-food restaurants trying to capitalize on the latest trends. Then you have more wholesome businesses like the Milwaukee Public Library.

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The Milwaukee Public Library makes a concerted effort to keep people updated with the latest events, offerings, and local current events in the area through its many social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. But in a charming little way to keep up with the times, the library staff also runs their own TikTok that's attained its own loyal following.

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The Milwaukee Public Library operates their own TikTok.

The Milwaukee Public Library offers plenty of outlets where you can find out about its latest stock and local events. But where those accounts track the important stuff pertaining to the library, its TikTok is reserved purely for entertainment.

According to a report by Today, the videos are shot and edited by Milwaukee Public Library analytics manager Derek Reilly. In an interview, Derek revealed that the TikTok was created as "a new way to engage a new audience" who might not be visiting the library in this modern age.

Many of the TikTok videos on this account capitalize on the latest trends and memes in an effort to encourage locals to visit the library more frequently.

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One of their latest videos features a staff member performing the popular dance from the Wednesday Netflix series. Another uses "LETSGO" meme as a PSA on how to support local libraries. One TikTok even celebrates the Mean Girls date of Oct. 3 as a way to get folks to borrow DVDs and movies from their library. With a steady stream of hilarious content tuned into the latest and most popular trends, it's no wonder that their TikToks go viral so often.

As of this writing, the Milwaukee Public Library's TikTok has more than 90K followers and has accumulated nearly 3 million likes across all of its videos. Most of the TikToks average about 10K to 30K views, but some have view counts that have reached well into the millions.

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They've certainly generated quite the fanbase, with many of their supporters voicing their praise for the library for their presence on TikTok. One person commented, "The Milwaukee public library account is legit my new fave on TikTok." Another fan remarked, "This social media person [for the library] is amazing."

It's definitely popular with the locals, with one person commenting, "I’m a proud Milwaukee resident, you guys are quickly becoming my favorite page."

But their popularity extends far past the state of Wisconsin, with one person having commented on a video stating, "Instant follow I don’t even live in Milwaukee." All local libraries deserve your attention, but the Milwaukee Public Library certainly goes above and beyond to get it, given how hilarious their TikToks are.

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